CAPA Database, Corrective Action Tracking

Corrective Action Tracking Program & Database

Completely Customization Quality Systems Database

We have developed an CAPA application designed to help your organization track and communicate corrective & preventive actions as well as internal audits.  Almost every management system standard requires an organization to track non-conformance's from initiation to closure in a timely manner.  This application will help your team manage this process.  It is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Our Mission – Is to provide you with a completely customize-able application to meet your needs and ensure compliance of corrective action tracking .

Workflow -  We have utilized Microsoft Flow to create workflows for action items within the application. They will communicate actions and due dates via MS Outlook to the assigned person and then send reminder emails if the action is not completed within the specified time frame.  

Hosting – Our application and database is hosted directly within your current Office 365 infrastructure. It utilizes PowerApps, SharePoint, Outlook, PowerBI, Flow and other Office programs for a fully integrated experience.

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